Certification Proccess
Managing people is the most complex task in any organization. Our algorithm transforms this type of highly variable processes into specific and actionable data... But in order for our clients to acquire the necessary expertise, we have created our own certification based on a model that facilitates the understanding of these complex systems in a clear and concise manner.
To provide the client with the knowledge and skills necessary to approach people management from a scientific perspective with a genuine possibility of measuring the impact of actions over time.
To whom is it directed?
It is designed for any type of professional whose duties include leading and/or managing people and organizations. We also provide training to all types of professionals who are committed to accompanying organizations in their transformation processes.
What will I learn?
It will give you a dual perspective: it enables you to have an upward looking strategic discussion, and at the same time, to work directly with teams and individuals from a more tactical perspective.
This training takes place over 12 hours in either online or on-site format.
We concentrate all the knowledge necessary to understand human behavior within professional environments. Theoretical frameworks that are transformed into data through mathematical models on which the attendees receive training. We teach you to work on actual problems with our calculation engines.
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